1. How do I OFFER my equipment, office space or availability as a staff member on the searchable map.

  • Go through a basic sign-up procedure and list yourself as a medical professional, office staff, or an agency
  • In the MY PORTAL tab click on what interests you, space, staff or stuff, and then fill out all the necessary information
  • Check the map and see your stuff listed
  • Get inquires via email from other healthcare community members
  • Connect with members who contact you, and work out the details

2. How do I LOCATE medical equipment, office space or staff using Doc2Doc Connect

  • Search our database using the map or grid, using the checkboxes and filters to refine your choices
  • Click on what you want to get more information
  • Clicking on a piece of equipment will get you started in the rental process
  • Clicking further on a specific space or staff with connect you with the people involved so you can work out details

3. Does Doc2Doc Connect provide any contracts or logistical support for medical staffing?

  • No, we are not a staffing agency, we are a platform that connects medical professionals

4. Does Doc2Doc Connect provide the leasing or subleasing contracts for office space?

  • No, we are not a property management agency, we are only a platform that connects medical professionals

5. Does Doc2Doc Connect allow advertisers and recruiters to list jobs?

  • Yes, but we carefully curate those opportunities for the community

6. Is there a cost to browse the Doc2Doc Connect website?

  • Doc2Doc Connect is free to search out what you need

7. Do I need to include my medical license for staffing purposes?

  • For staff who have licenses, we recommend adding your license number, but it is not required.

8. Do I need to include my malpractice insurance if I am a doctor to using Doc2Doc Connect?

  • Malpractice insurance is only required for medical equipment rental services.
  • Malpractice insurance is not required for medical equipment purchasing or any other services on Doc2Doc Connect



Why rent from us?

Doc2Doc Connect allows you to utilize the latest equipment without having to buy it. With Doc2Doc, you’ll be able to offer new treatments to your patients, without the commitment and expense of purchasing a new machine.

If you own equipment that you aren’t using every day, why not make your loan payments by renting it to a doctor that we’ve vetted for you? The newest medical equipment is extremely expensive, but now with Doc2Doc Connect you can afford the latest technology.

How does it work?

Safety and integrity are our number one priorities. Every doctor who uses our service is first vetted through a secure series of questions and documentation. These include verification of medical license, malpractice, and multiple insurance policies. Once you have been approved, you will be given a portal within which to place your machine if you wish to rent it out. You will also register the dates of availability for that equipment. Alternatively, if you want to become a user of another vetted doctor’s equipment, you will be able to search for your desired dates and rent accordingly.

When a local doctor wants to rent your equipment, you will receive email notification for your approval, which will confirm the rental. We will arrange transportation and notify both parties of the details.

Once the rental has been completed, you will receive an email asking you to review your equipment experience, and once you have done so, the rental will be completed.

Are you insured?

Doc2docs comprehensive legal contract ensures that both parties are fully protected. We also verify that both doctors have mechanical breakdown coverage included in their confirmed liability policy, as an additional layer of security. Our delivery service has extensive cargo insurance which covers the equipment fully during transportation.

How does pickup and delivery work?

Once you have confirmed a rental, your confirmation information will contain the details of your courier service. Our pickup and delivery windows are standardized to keep the service simple and cost effective. Our delivery partners are the highest quality, and their extensive insurance would fully cover the very unlikely possibility of loss or damage to your equipment. This guarantees that your equipment is totally safe during transit.

How do I rent out my equipment?

Once you are a vetted doctor, you will complete a full registration of the item in your personal portal. Here you can add location, availability, pricing, and typical number of consumables needed for each treatment.

Can I purchase equipment?

Absolutely! You can search anytime for equipment listed for sale. While registering your own equipment you have the ability to place the item on the rental page, purchase page, or both.

Where can I find information about my rentals?

Your personal portal will have all your information, as well as the ability to change, edit and add equipment.


How do you qualify and monitor the doctors using the equipment?

Part of the registration process that vets every doctor, involves uploading malpractice certificates, office insurance information, and license verification. One of our Doc2Doc team members reviews the information verifying all the documentation. A doctor is then notified via email once the account has been approved. Once a doctor is approved and she registers a piece of equipment, the item is monitored throughout its rental process. If there are any negative reviews or problems, a member of the Doc2Doc team is notified and contacts the doctor involved to resolve the issue.

How do you qualify and monitor the medical equipment?

Before and after shipping each piece of equipment must pass a checklist confirming that it is running smoothly. After the rental, both the owner and user will review their experience using the same checklist. That information is reviewed and documented by Doc2Doc to insure quality. If a piece of equipment is flagged for any reason, a member of the Doc2Doc team will be in contact to make sure everyone is getting the best quality equipment every time. To learn more about checklist process, Click here to view a sample checklist

Are there rental contracts involved in the process?

Yes, when the owner receives a rental request, they then review a personalized contract in their portal. After review, they sign the contract, and then it’s available for the renter’s signature. Review sample contracts here.

Is there a security deposit and what is it used for?

Yes, Doc2Doc takes a security deposit with each rental. This is critical to keep the process safe and fair. Once the owner has received their equipment back from the user they verify its condition using the checklist, and review the rental within 24hours. When Doc2Doc is notified that the equipment is in good working condition, the security deposit is immediately released back to the user. If there are any issues with the equipment, the negative review will immediately be flagged for further notice and a member of the Doc2Doc team will be in contact to assess the issue. The security deposit is available, if needed, for any repairs not covered by our extensive insurance policies.

How do you calculate the cost and payment for consumables?

The security deposit is also used to pay for consumables. Since it is impossible to know exactly how many consumables will be used during any one rental period, after the rental is completed both parties must confirm the amount used. Then this amount is deducted from the user’s security deposit and paid to the owner as agreed in the contract and noted in the checkout cart.

How do you insure quality?

We insure quality with our many layers of review and verification, described above, which operate during every step of your rental experience

Do I need insurance to rent?

Yes, insurance is a requirement for both parties.

How does the owner get paid?

The owner of the equipment is paid at the completion and review of the rental.

When does the user get their security deposit back?

The user receives their security deposit when the rental is complete, the consumables counted, and the owner has verified with the checklist that their equipment is in the same condition as when it left. This happens within 24 hours of the return of the equipment.


What is the return policy?

When renting equipment, you must immediately review and test it using the checklist. If there are any issues or problems, the renter must notify Doc2Doc within 24 hours of delivery. Once a Doc2Doc team member is notified, they will be in contact to process a refund or return.

How do I calculate my payout?

Once you select your options on our website those numbers will be listed clearly.

What happens if my equipment breaks during normal usage while in another doctor’s office?

Your equipment will be covered by the users “mechanical breakdown” coverage.

What happens if my equipment is stolen while it is out of my office?

Your equipment will be covered by the user’s liability policy. We do not approve doctors who do not have adequate liability policies.

What happens if my equipment is damaged during delivery?

Our high quality delivery partner’s insurance policy will cover it and their policies are continually monitored to certify that they are in force.

Who pays for delivery?

The delivery fee is included in our administrative fees. The one exception, however, is if the equipment is not working when it arrives at the user’s office, then the owner is responsible for the delivery fee.

How do reviews work?

We use these reviews for quality assurance. Once a rental is complete, both parties will receive a review email where they will give a star review and an optional written review. If any item receives a review under four out of five stars a member of the Doc2Doc team will be notified to contact and review your experience. Any review under three stars will flag the equipment and freeze all further rentals while we check on quality issues and make sure we are providing you with the best possible equipment.