Sitting is the new smoking

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May 30, 2019

Inactivity or sedentary behavior has become increasingly common in the modern world, but this is a dangerous trend. Too much sitting is linked to a higher risk of chronic conditions and mortality. Researchers have wondered if exercising can cancel out the harm caused by sitting all day. Recent studies looked carefully at this problem, and it turns out that excessive sitting will increase your risk of dying unless you exercise hard for at least an hour a day. That’s too much for most people; just sitting less is more practical. There are other benefits to standing over sitting. In one study people who were able to stand while working reported a 55% improvement in back pain, a significantly higher number than in the control group. The standing group’s concentration was also improved. So what can you do if your boss won’t buy you a standing desk? Get up every 30 minutes, move around a bit and stretch your hip flexors. If possible buy a standing desk: try the Lander Desk, Varidesk, or the Energize Desk by iMovR. Try to limit the time you sit when you are at home, and focus on staying active generally. Whatever you do, don’t just sit all day; it’s dangerous!