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Mar 27, 2019

If you ask yourself these questions after you get sued: YOU’RE TOO LATE!


                                                  STAFF CONCERNS

1. Have you secured prescription pads, medication/product samples, and syringes, keep them out of sight, and away from patients – especially children!

2. Does your staff understand that staff MUST work within the scope of practice of their licensure, certification and/or training. In California only RN’s can operate a laser, aestheticians can’t ever pierce the skin, and medical assistants are not allowed to conduct any patient assessment or triage. Patient safety is on the line and you are exposed to risk when employees’ activities exceed their education and training. Periodically check certifications and licensure for all staff.  

3. Do staff follow manufacturers’ equipment maintenance and usage guidelines in order to prevent injury?

4. Do appropriate staff receive in-service training when new equipment and/or procedures are implemented? Maintain attendance records and document staff competence.

5. Do you hold regular meetings that allow room for staff questions and concerns to be freely aired?

6. Are new policies and applicable federal/state regulations communicated to staff in a way they can understand?

7. Are staff aware of state and local reporting regulations? These include requirements to report infectious diseases to the Department of Health, child or spousal abuse to the police, and conditions causing lapses of consciousness to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

8. Can staff earn recognition and rewards for submitting ideas to increase patient safety, avoid errors, or improve the overall quality of care in the practice?

9. Is there a protocol to ensure consistent communication between back-office and front-office staff? A communication system assures the patient receives relevant information regarding diagnosis, test results, treatment plan, and follow-up instructions.  This facilitates patient understanding and compliance.