Mar 6, 2019



1.    What is a resume?

It’s a summary of your skills and experiences; it usually covers with about 10 years of your past employment and/or education. You should know something about the job you are applying for, so you can tweak the resume accordingly.

2.    What makes a good resume?

 It’s simple, easy to read, and most of all CLEAR.  It makes your relevant experience and education obvious, and it includes an easy way to contact you. Everything else is details.

3.    What is the best structure for your resume?

There are plenty of standardized resume templates out there, and it’s OK to use one if making your own feels overwhelming.  You must include the following, in no specific order, except putting your name and contact info at the top.

·      Your name/address/phone number/email

·      Education

·      Experience

·      Volunteer or community accomplishments

·      Awards or honors

·      Special skills

4.    How do you decide what order to use?

 It’s best to think about what makes you special, and lead with that.  If you just graduated from a professional school, put education first. If your work experience makes you perfect for this particular job, put that at the top.  Highlight what is best about YOU, and make that stand out.


5.     How can you make it better?

     Show off your skills if possible. DO NOT use the standard buzz words like “

     “hardworking” or “self-motivated”. Tell the employer what you’ve achieved,  

      accomplished, trained in, or improved upon.  It’s OK to use the word “I”; this makes

      it more personal, and more readable. Try to make your words fit into the job you are

      looking for, and make them original if possible.  Healthcare employers want people

      with empathy, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to situations quickly.  Remember

      employers are reading LOTS of resumes, don’t bore them senseless with yours.


6.    How can you fix the resume you just wrote?

·      Wait 24 hours and re-read it, then change whatever seems wrong

·      Read it out loud to yourself, if it sounds strange it will read that way too

·      Don’t rely on Spell Check, read every word and check the spelling yourself

·      Ask at least 2 friends/family to read it and give honest suggestions

·      Make sure all the FACTS are correct, check addresses, phone numbers, and names of references including spelling


7.    How can I get a job with my new resume?

Send it with a cover letter. It’s almost too easy to click on a job opening and send a resume, employers know this and wonder if you are really serious.  If you send a letter telling them WHY you really want THIS particular job, this actually sets you apart from other candidates.