Exercise is the fountain of youth

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Mar 14, 2019

Being active throughout your life is clearly the way to stay healthy. Good data support the idea that being inactive can be more dangerous than smoking, high BP or Diabetes. Studies demonstrate that people who don’t exercise are 2-3 TIMES more likely to die than people who do. Aerobic movements, (walking/running), balance, strength and mobility are all components of this critical activity. Don’t forget the MOBILITY; stretching and moving your joints freely is an essential part of fitness and helps you avoid injury, the only real risk of exercise. Guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes per week of moderate or high intensity exercise for all adults, and this is even more important as you age. The benefits include DECREASED risk of: dying from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, developing hypertension, colon cancer, depression, anxiety, falls, all cancers…the list goes on endlessly. So why don’t we do it? Because it takes effort, time and a plan. Everyone should Make a PLAN, (especially healthcare providers), talk about it with peers, and encourage commitment to 30 minutes, for 5 days a week. There are lots of time efficient options: work out at home with a streaming service like DAILY BURN, join a gym located on the way to work, buy a PELOTON bike and ride online, or go to an exercise class with a friend. This completely modifiable risk factor is one of the most important factors in aging. Ignore it at your own risk!